Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sushi Quilt(s)

I saw this sushi quilt pattern at Hunter's Design Studio and knew I would have fun with this project.

This color block quilt rolls up to mimic the color combination of a sushi roll.  Per the awesome directions with the pattern, I used the pillow method on this one.

It looks just like Sushi!

You can see that I attempted to add some quilting texture.
 The recipient of this quilt called me to let me know that my quilting of the 'salmon' was the best representation of meat in fabric ever!  (I am sure it is not.)

The back of the quilt

I made two quilts with this pattern and call the second one "Bonus Sushi."

Bonus Sushi

This one has Enchanted Forest Rice.

Sushi quilt was a quilting exercise for me while Bonus Sushi was a color placement exercise for me.

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