Sunday, August 30, 2015

RSC 15 Red, Indigo

I have been doing other projects around the RSC15 and have not been posting my blocks.  July's color was red and August Indigo.  (My blocks are more purple than indigo.)

A huge thanks goes to Angela for coordinating the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Each month she picks a color for the month and posts directions for six inch blocks on her blog.  This year she is setting the blocks into saw tooth stars along with chain patterned blocks.  It takes A LOT of time to post step- by- step instructions for sewing projects.  THANK YOU ANGELA!  
Lantern and Lantern Light


Mr. Roosevelt's Bowtie

Road to California
Check out the completion of August's indigo blocks at

Monday, August 17, 2015

R x R I feel like a Winner!

The Row by Row 2015 quilt is finished!  I am glad with how it turned out.

Here are the finished rows:

Speckled Hen Quilts Aurora, OR
Craft Warehouse Vancouver, WA
Cool Cottons Portland, OR
Mill End Store Milwaukie, OR
Fabric Depot Portland, OR
Tea Time Calicos Tigard, OR
Every Thread Counts Hood River, OR
Quilting Delights Happy Valley, OR

​Long arm Quilting & Binding: Jolene Knight

The quilt was dropped off at Cool Cottons this morning.  I got lucky in that one of few local stores without a winner was one of my rows.. I got the bonus gift certificate prize too!

In total I hopped 14 shops!  I even took a day trip to the coast for some rows.  Creating this quilt was quite a learning experience.  I did applique for the first time.  Many of my remaining rows are applique, I am not as hesitant to tackle them anymore.  The one technique I did avoid learning on this quilt was paper piecing, I'll leave that for another time. The most important improvement: my quarter inch seam!