Saturday, January 2, 2016

RSC 15 Flimsy

The RSC 15 flimsy is finished.
I chose a flower print for the bottom border. (It is almost a 40 inch border.) It will hang off the edge of the bed nicely.

The quilt measures 93.5 inches by 118 inches.
The quilt back will not be prepared for quite sometime.
I would like a scrappy quilt back.  My scraps are too small and I am not up to the challenge of sewing them all together for such a huge undertaking.

Check out some more scrappy quilts at


  1. What a fun quilt top you have created! Best of luck for the finishing.

  2. Impressive top! Hope you find just the right scraps for the back.

  3. Great quilt! I love it - so much fun going on in it!

  4. Scrappy delicious! What a huge top you made. Good luck finding the backing fabrics.

  5. WOW! That's a huge quilt top. Congratulations on a finish.

  6. Good job getting all those blocks together! You might consider making a scrappy back out of larger scraps, like fat quarters. You can get quite a lot of those in when you're building such a big back. ;- )